N+1 redundancy is what 1010 Technology Center utilizes as a safeguard to insure maximum up- time. Our APC Symmetra and APC In-Row Cooling units are configured with N+1 and as we expand the number of racks the power and cooling will also be expanded to maintain N+1.


1010 Technology Center provides our customers 24/7/365 access to their equipment so they can rest easy knowing their systems are not only secure, but also available anytime they need to visit our facility.


  • Secure access to facility via EPS monitored services
  • Half or Full Rack secured locking APC cabinets
  • Access to your Rackspace only granted to your approved staff
  • Direct fiber connection*
  • Redundant access to Rackspace via multiple carriers*
  • Efficient APC N+1 cooling provided via Hot Isle/Cold Isle design
  • Reliable APC PDU and UPS with N+1 configuration 

*Contact us for more details