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Northern Michigan Business VoIP Provider

We are here to help your business take advantage of your internet connection to make calls over the internet, which will also save you money!  Our phone system is a cost-effective and feature-rich hosted phone service for all businesses in Alpena MI as well as all of Northern Michigan!  1010 Technology Center provides rapid response support whenever you need it!

Reliable Business Phone System

1010 Technology Center Systems are fully geo-redundant with servers in world-class data centers across the U.S. with multiple carriers providing connectivity to the PSTN. We feature high-quality desk phones from Yealink, with many different models to choose from to suit your particular environment, including receptionist consoles, productivity phones, cordless phones, and conference room phones.

Simple Pricing

Easy to understand, flat rate pricing per user which includes our best service from day 1!  Included with your monthly service, we fully manage and maintain your system, so you never have to worry about phone system programming.

We build & maintain the system

Our VoIP team come to your office, set up your new business phone system, and configure the features personally. We pride ourselves on customer service & response time!

Why are businesses like yours choosing us for their business phone service?

  • Personable, rapid-response customer service means never having to call the cable or phone company again!

  • Work from anywhere with our mobile app.  Your office calls ring on your smartphone and outgoing calls show your office number instead of your personal mobile number.

  • We offer premium features like call recording & text messaging.  There is a good chance that some of your customers or potential new customers send text messages to your main business phone number & you aren’t even aware of it.  Don’t miss out on potential important business.

  • Great value compared to traditional phone bills.  Most of our customers save money by switching to our VoIP phone service.

  • With our VoIP phone system you can set up virtual auto attendants & call queues that will handle large volume of incoming calls.  This allows your business to be more efficient by being automated which saves you time.

Get a free VoIP quote & see the savings!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why rent when I can own?2020-07-08T23:38:54+00:00

    This is the part you never have to replace again! Gone are the days of having to purchase an expensive phone system, pay the phone company for phone lines, and pay a “phone guy” to come out to make changes, etc. Your current phone system can be removed and recycled. In the past, companies usually purchased phone system hardware at a large capital expense and owned it for a long period of time; a fixed set of phones and capacity was purchased and it needed upgrading (at an additional capital expenditure) as the company grew. Think about it. Buying a phone system is like buying a car. Just a few short years after the purchase of a premise-based phone system, it’s out of date and worth just pennies on the dollar. You don’t want to waste your precious capital on hardware, software, and professional services. Especially when the quality, reliability, and business continuity of our hosted VoIP telephone system rivals traditional high-end enterprise phone systems.

    Does your phone system replace my current phone provider?2020-07-08T23:38:15+00:00

    Yes! We replace your phone company. We provide the hosted telephone system, along with the “phone lines” for you to make calls. Your “phone bill” goes away and you will have a single monthly invoice from us. Best of all, you never have to deal with “the phone company” or “cable company” again! You would still have an invoice for your Internet service from your ISP.

    Is it easy to make changes to the system?2020-07-08T23:21:41+00:00

    With our hosted VoIP system all phone support is included with your monthly service.  If you need a change made just let us know and we will get it done in a timely manner.

    Can I conduct conference calls?2020-07-08T23:17:44+00:00

    Yes, you can!  Users can make 3-way conference calls right from their desk phone.  We also have a conference bridge solution that allows anyone to call into your system for large group calls & conference calls.

    What phones are supported? Will my current phones work with your system?2020-07-08T23:13:14+00:00

    1010 Technology Center provides Yealink phones.  If you’re currently using another hosted telephone provider & have phones from them, chances are you can use them with our system as well.  Otherwise, we will help you select the right phones for your business needs.

    Can I keep my existing phone number?2020-07-08T22:54:39+00:00

    Absolutely!  We handle porting your phone number over to our system which takes 5-7 business days.

    What are the benefits of switching to a hosted VoIP system?2020-07-08T22:57:42+00:00

    A hosted VoIP telephone system is a complete business solution that includes calling plans and has all of the functionality of a traditional phone system but a hosted solution offers enhanced flexibility, scalability, significant cost savings & advanced features.

    How does a hosted VoIP system work?2020-07-08T23:00:31+00:00

    With a hosted VoIP system you don’t have physical phone lines at your office any longer. Everything is hosted on our secure server. Your calls then go through the internet to all of your connected & registered devices for your extension.

    What happens if my internet connection goes down?2020-07-08T23:04:37+00:00

    We usually recommend having redundant internet connections with two different internet service providers but you don’t have to.  Your calls will automatically stay contained within your voicemail system allowing callers to leave voicemails still.  We can even forward your calls to any telephone number you want if your internet goes down.  Our mobile app can also be used as a backup so you will never miss a call!

    Do you provide fax services?2020-07-08T23:06:58+00:00

    Yes! We offer a virtual fax solution where inbound faxes can be sent to your email in PDF form & you can also send faxes out from your email as well or use our portal.  If you want to keep your physical fax machine we have a solution for that as well!

    How is your service different from the national VoIP providers I have read about?2020-07-08T23:10:29+00:00
    The big, national providers rely on the “sell, ship and pray” method of implementing a hosted telephone service.  This means they sell you the service, ship your phones, and pray that they work. Here at 1010 Technology Center we analyze your local area network (LAN) along with the quality of your Internet connection (WAN) and make recommendations to ensure that your call quality will be near perfect. We will properly configure your router for VoIP traffic, or advise you if you need an upgrade before using VoIP. We then personally install all of your new phones and provide hands-on training for your employees.
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