Why rent when I can own?

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This is the part you never have to replace again! Gone are the days of having to purchase an expensive phone system, pay the phone company for phone lines, and pay a "phone guy" to come out to make changes, etc. Your current phone system can be removed and recycled. In the past, companies usually purchased [...]

Does your phone system replace my current phone provider?

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Yes! We replace your phone company. We provide the hosted telephone system, along with the "phone lines" for you to make calls. Your "phone bill" goes away and you will have a single monthly invoice from us. Best of all, you never have to deal with "the phone company" or "cable company" again! You would still [...]

Can I conduct conference calls?

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Yes, you can!  Users can make 3-way conference calls right from their desk phone.  We also have a conference bridge solution that allows anyone to call into your system for large group calls & conference calls.

How does a hosted VoIP system work?

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With a hosted VoIP system you don't have physical phone lines at your office any longer. Everything is hosted on our secure server. Your calls then go through the internet to all of your connected & registered devices for your extension.

What happens if my internet connection goes down?

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We usually recommend having redundant internet connections with two different internet service providers but you don't have to.  Your calls will automatically stay contained within your voicemail system allowing callers to leave voicemails still.  We can even forward your calls to any telephone number you want if your internet goes down.  Our mobile app can also [...]

Do you provide fax services?

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Yes! We offer a virtual fax solution where inbound faxes can be sent to your email in PDF form & you can also send faxes out from your email as well or use our portal.  If you want to keep your physical fax machine we have a solution for that as well!

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